Smith Corona Silent Super

As a writer who needed a solid tool that would allow him to turn away from the glowing screens and their endless distractions, I did a lot of research.
I discovered what 3 models were my best bet for toughness, dependability, transparency of use, adaptability, ease of formatting and parts availability.
I culled through my local seller/service shops in L.A. and online and studied the finalists.
I took the plunge with your shop and your rebuilt 1957 Teal Blue Smith Corona Silent Super.
A new typing pad and dust cover were waiting for it.
The machine looks beautiful, inside and out. It performs even more beautifully.
Every lever, switch, rotation, tab and key clicks tightly and gently into place. The platen is a pillow.
You packed it perfectly and the packing will be saved for a future moving day.
You went to the trouble of printing and binding the original manual I had found online.
You left two indications the carriage was locked for packing and I had the words I needed to unlock it gently and properly.
Your accompanying materials were all wonderful, especially the thank you card with jellybeans and a case key attached.
Because of your craftsmanship, integrity and family business pride, this late-blooming flower of the machine age is in pristine 1957 condition and ready to write in 2016.
Steve LosAngeles

Hermes 3000

Picked up the typewriter today, thank you. I just want to say that your business is excellent. When you buy things through the internet you have to be aware that you may not receive what you thought and/or customer service may not be there. I can certainly attest that your business does not fall into this category. You have been most helpful in every aspect and my wife could not have been more pleased with her Christmas gift.I have had a few people admire my wife’s typewriter as they were interested in possibly obtaining one in the future. I showed them your excellent website and they were impressed. I am certain that you will get some of their business.
Adam New York

1961 Hermes 3000

Exceptional service, great packing, and perfect timing on the shipping. Questions answered promptly and gave me great confidence in my choice. Their refurbished Hermes 3000 classic is working flawlessly, and I don't think it's an exaggeration on their part when they say it's good for another 50 years! The whole experience was very satisfying; this machine will delight me and support my work for a long time...
Samantha Dallas