We offer select meticulously restored vintage manual portable typewriters focusing on models which produce sharp easy to read print, user friendly operation and a notable style. We target machines such as the Swiss made Hermes 3000, Rocket and Baby noted for their lightweight, versatile and portable features; The Royal Quiet Deluxe, the flagship of the Royal Line at that time; the Underwood Champion considered the elite of the Underwood portables with all the bells and whistles of a full size machine; the Underwood Noiseless with its faster type mechanism, shift key design and noted "quiet" operation; German made Olympia SM 3 and SM 7 models with their solid construction and many notable features; Italian made Olivetti Lettera 22 which combined functionality with style; Corona Standard, Sterling and Silent models which were efficient workhorses and best sellers; and finally the Remington portable model 5 touted for its noiseless feature along with the slightly larger model 7 which were considered to be true monuments to American design and style of the time. Speciality full size manual typewriters that are excellent functioning models we target include the Royal #10 or Glass Sides, Royal KMM and the full size Underwood Noiseless.
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Machines acceptable to us have a rating of good, very good or excellent. All of our machines are put through the rigors of our full restoration process. Machines are dis-assembled, thoroughly cleaned ultra-sonically and by hand, parts refurbished or replaced, re-assembled, totally lubricated and performance tested. We want to ensure that the machines available have the best possible performance ratings for the vintage manual portable and full size machine models we offer. Contact us to help you locate the classic manual portable typewriter or select full size machine you have been looking to own.